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April 27, 2010

Fair Food in Winter Park

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Fair Trade empowers farmers and farm workers to lift themselves out of poverty by developing the business skills necessary to compete in the global marketplace. By guaranteeing minimum floor prices and social premiums, Fair Trade enables producers to invest in their farms and communities and protect the environment. But Fair Trade is much more than a fair price.

Our group went around Winter Park talking to owners of restaurants and supermarkets to learn more about their use of fair food within their establishment. I learned that most restaurants that use fair food only have a few items on their menu with fair food and its usually at a price. Some restaurants like Ravenous Pig, Cafe 118 and supermarkets like Whole Foods have made a commitment to only serving fair and organic foods.

Please see the attached map to find you’re next fair food meal!


April 25, 2010


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So I have recently made a loan through Kiva. Kiva is an organization that collects micro loans to help entrepreneurs start up small businesses. The loans are made by internet users (people like you and me!). Most loans are small ($25) but there is the opportunity to provide a larger loan if you desire.

I chose to sponsor a group called El Samaritano, which means ‘The Samaritan’. The group is based out of the Dominican Republic and her focus is in the clothing industry. Her current project is buying underwear and re-selling it to the community. The organizer of the group, Julissa is a single mother of two. The town they live in is very rural and struggles to get clean water and electricity. What drew my attention to Julissa was the fact that she had worked with Kiva previously and she responsibly paid back her loan.

I am still not sure how I feel about the Kiva program. I like the concept but as a sponsor, I feel out of touch with the people I am supporting. I also wonder how much of my contribution goes towards Kiva as an organization. Interesting project, let me know your thoughts!

El Samaritano Group

KIVA Project

April 20, 2010


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Hey all!

I just added some photos to my blog through Flickr. I have put up a few photos from my recent travels – I hope you enjoy them.

Flickr is a very cool way to share photos; however, I did not find it all that user friendly. It took my a few tries to get it to link to my blog and uploading the photos took more time then I expected. With social media sites like Facebook, I think the demand for sites like Flickr and Webshots has declined significantly.

Do Something Good Today

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I thought this article was perfect for our class because not only does it demonstrate different ways to use social media tools, it gives you ways to help out a lot with a little effort. The article goes through 9 ways to support social justice in less that 5 minutes and for less then $25. I tried a few out, I was most intrigued by the rice game. Go ahead and try a few and let me know your thoughts. You can try them all in less than 45 minutes! Kind of an interesting concept for a future blog – maybe doing something like this on a local scale would be interesting. People like a quick and easy fix, this does that and it improves other lives!

Mashable Article

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Facebook Featured in Vogue

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I wish I had found this article before submitting my CMC 100 paper on Vogue!

The article highlights the accomplishments of Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg. Featuring Sandberg in Vogue does a lot of really wonderful things in my opinion. One, it highlights Sandberg’s role as a woman in a very male dominant field. Two, it demonstrates that Vogue is not only a fashion magazine but it does make a valiant effort in supporting industry, culture, and the accomplishments of business women. I look forward to reading next months addition of Vogue and learning more about the force behind Facebook. Enjoy!

Image Credit: Vogue

April 16, 2010

Bad Romance

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Lady GaGa’s “Bad Romance” video is now the number one most viewed video on Youtube. It beat the “Charlie” video that previously held the record by 400,000 views. I have attached a link to this video below and I think you should all take a look and tell me what you think. The video is sexual but what stood out to me is the way in which Lady GaGa dehumanizes herself in the video. The setting and attire is almost robotic and in no way represents reality. The men in the video are in complete control, in fact the video implies that they are controlling the women from a computer. What does it say about the media and our society if this is the NUMBER 1 video on youtube?? Let me know guys, enjoy.

Mashable Article

Jamie Oliver on Healthy Eating in Schools

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It is an issue across the country and according to Jamie Oliver across the world. The unhealthy food provided in school cafeterias plays a huge role in the health and obesity problems in our country and particularly in our youth. Oliver has started a campaign for Healthy Eating in Schools. Follow the link to this article on to find out more information. I thought the article was great because it explained a little bit about the program but it also demonstrates how tools like facebook, twitter, and youtube can get information out quickly and effectively.

Jamie Oliver article on Mashable

March 30, 2010

Google Mapping Project

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For my social media class, we were asked to create a maps on Google Maps. I chose to do a map of my favorite restaurants in my home city, Calgary. I found Goole Maps a very user friendly program and I actually really enjoyed making the map. I think it could be a useful tool in future trip planning. It was easy to plot points, change the icon and link to the website; however, uploading video and pictures was not as straight forward as one would hope. Still working away…. enjoy!

March 22, 2010

World Water Day

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Today is World Water Day!!

27% of the people in the world are lacking a clean source of water. Follow this link to check out what people are doing about it!

March 17, 2010

How Twitter & Facebook Affect Purchasing Decsions

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Really interesting article on how Facebook & Twitter are influencing consumer society. Let me know your thoughts. Enjoy 🙂

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